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Welcome to Seven Happy Rabbits!

I dealt with change throughout my whole career. Then suddenly, I stumbled in my own personal transformation. I followed my inner white rabbit down a hole suddenly exploring a whole new world of opportunities.

On this blog I share inspiration for personal growth as well as my own journey down the rabbit hole.

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6 Tips how to stay motivated

Photo by Samuel Scrimshaw on Unsplash It is very common that people seek to change their lives significantly – and then they get stuck. This is true for about 70% of all people – once including me: I wanted to get into the shape of my life. Preferably before summer 😉 I’d make a plan,…

Why being truly heard is such a gift

I took last week off to enjoy the week my wedding was supposed to happen. After ten years as a couple we wanted to celebrate our love for each other, the shared commitment and trust. We wanted to show gratitude for every beautiful moment that we experienced together. We wanted to dance and laugh with…