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How to use 4 dimensions of knowing as a navigation system for personal growth

Some people choose for themselves to change something others are forced to do so by outside circumstances – such as the pandemic that we are experiencing right now. Every deep-level change throws us into unknown territory. The level of uncertainty rises and it can be hard to navigate through times were solid prognosis are just … Continue reading How to use 4 dimensions of knowing as a navigation system for personal growth

Heart Attacked

Yesterday LinkedIn notified me that my close friend from university got promoted. The simple act of congratulating him resulted in not being able to sleep for half of the night. It was not the first time this happened. Over the past 10 years my mind has decided to go back to those times more frequently … Continue reading Heart Attacked

An Unexpected Call

To open a meeting, one leader asked me this week: what inspired you or gave you hope during the last weeks – despite corona? Let me share with you what my answer was: Sitting on my laptop ready to start writing I received a call from my company’s concierge. This was rather untypical, especially in … Continue reading An Unexpected Call

Klare Schnitte

Was bisher geschah…Vor ein paar Wochen habe ich eine persönliche Veränderung gestartet. Mein bisher durchwegs als glücklich und erfolgreich zu beschreibendes Leben ging mit einer unspezifischen, latenten Unzufriedenheit einher. Lange habe ich mit mir gerungen doch schließlich beschlossen dieses Alles-was-man-sich-wünschen kann-Leben gegen ein neues, komplett unbekanntes einzutauschen. Um dieses neue Leben zu gestalten, habe ich … Continue reading Klare Schnitte


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