About Me

Hi, my name is Valentina.

I helped people and teams to change for the better through all of my career. Some months ago, I stumbled into a personal transformation myself.

About Seven Happy Rabbits

On this blog I collect inspiration for change. I continue share my personal story without knowing where it leads to. I want to build a community of people who have the courage to change their lives, to grow as a person and make the world better.

The story behind Seven Happy Rabbits

I am in my early 30ies and consider myself to be pretty successful so far as I have reached all my goals in life so far:

I am in a happy relationship. I earn a decent income. I was given a managerial role at 29. Now I am leading a team of supercool – or let’s be honest, partly weirdo- change and development consultants. I have been dealing with personal and organizational changes for all of my professional life, which is what I love to do.

You could say that I was living a great life so far – and I have.

Still, there was something in me that started to boil. It was kind of an underlying grumpy voice that got more and more impatient.

So I realized I had to change something. I wanted to design the next chapter of my life – but how do you do that? When everything seems perfect – why the hell would you change anything? That’s also what my brain keep explaining to me all the time.

But the freaking grumpy noise did not stop complaining, even when my brain did its very best job to explain that things possibly couldn’t be any better.

So I started a year long personal development journey with some 20 other people from around the globe. After some months I realize most of them had done significant changes to their lives already. They were happy and thriving. But not me.

It felt like I was the only one left who couldn’t find her f***ing calling. Out of jealousy I neglected the other participants development or made fun of them.

One morning we did an intuition walk. This is a really out of comfort zone experience if you are a person like me who is into facts and scientifically proven research and logical causalities…- you get the idea.

If you haven’t done an intuition walk yet, imagine that after some meditation exercises you walk in silence through nature. You feel, listen, see, experience what’s around you and “let the world talk to you”. That was crazy enough for me but since I had no clue what I wanted to in my life, I took it as my last chance for “illumination”.

I was so desperate for a hint what I should be doing with my life that I was searching for meaning in EVERYTHING – freaking everything. But I only saw the beautiful landscape of Portugal and counted seven happy rabbits. Seven fucking rabbits was all I saw in 3 hours of intuition walk.

When I returned I was devastated that I hadn’t made any progress. Some people were enlightened after this walk whereas I spent my time counting rabbits.

It took me some more months to come to peace with that. Or precicely to come to peace with me. Piece by piece I realized that my pressure to find THE one thing that I needed to do in live, THE inspiration to change, to find my ONE AND ONLY TRUE purpose held me back.

Step by step I let go of the target to have a clear target. I learned to accept that there might not necessarily be a calling or an outside event or push that drives you to start transforming your life.

It might plainly be your own conclusion that you are no longer happy with your perfect life. I realized that my journey is about letting go my plans, targets and strategies but to curiously follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole. It is okay not to have everything figured out. It is fine to explore and become whole with surfing the unexpected.